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About McMillans Solicitors

McMillans Solicitors are specialist indecent images solicitors. We are very different to other firms and organisations you may have come across on the Internet as we are the ONLY firm in the UK dealing exclusively with clients accused of downloading, making and distributing indecent images and  / or extreme pornography and other serious sexual offences under affordable private fixed fee arrangements – never under Legal Aid.

Being accused of an indecent image offence can seem like the end of the world and many clients who contact us initially feel like their life is over due to the potential damage to their reputation and the likelihood of a lengthy spell in prison. But it does not have to be that way. With the correct advice and representation it is possible that a conviction can be avoided altogether (e.g. where the downloading of the images was non-deliberate or inadvertent) and even where a case is watertight (e.g. where you have already made admissions to the police and images have been recovered from your computer) prison can be avoided as long as your case is presented in the most sympathetic, detailed  and eloquent way by one of our team of specialist barristers.


Wrongly Accused of Downloading Images?

It is an unfortunate fact that the Internet is awash with illegal pornography, which is incredibly easy to download (either intentionally or unintentionally) meaning year on year more individuals are being investigated by the police and put before the courts for downloading indecent images of children or extreme pornography.

In all cases you have a defence unless it can be proved by the prosecution that the making or downloading was ‘a deliberate and intentional act, done with the knowledge that the image made is, or is likely to be, an indecent photograph or pseudo-photograph of a child’. So, for example, in a “pop-up” case, it would have be to be proved that you knew that accessing a website would generate “pop-ups” and that those “pop-ups” would depict, or be likely to depict, indecent images of children.

Where you maintain that you had no knowledge of the image we will immediately consider instructing a forensic computer expert who can provide an expert opinion on a number of issues for example:

Evidence of identity of the user who actually viewed images, evidence of whether active searches were done for the images, whether the images can be proved to have been viewed, and whether there has been any deliberate editing or saving of the images, or whether images are stored as a result of automated processes.


Maximise your Chances of Avoiding Prison

In some cases (where the evidence is overwhelming and you fully admit the office) a guilty plea is appropriate and damage limitation is the order of the day.

The courts always treat these cases extremely seriously and in the event of a guilty plea or conviction the sentencing guidelines make it clear that a prison sentence is a starting point for almost all cases (unless the number of images is very small and relating to the least serious (category C) images).

However as we are specialist indecent image solicitors we a have an unrivalled record in persuading the court to deal with our clients in ways that avoids immediate prison. This is because we do these cases day in day out and meticulously prepare every case including obtaining very detailed background information, advising our clients on character references and counselling options and we only use specialist barristers with a wealth of experience and knowledge in this area including the technical aspects often present in these cases.

Please see our testimonials and success stories section, which lists a number of recent cases where our clients have avoided prison despite downloading large quantities of category A images.


What our clients say…

I sincerely and totally believe that I could not have been represented better. I thank you so very much.
Mr B
If you want a solicitor that replies to your calls or emails straight away; you want to be treated with dignity and respect; and you want someone to truly fight your corner, then in my opinion you will not find any better. I would highly recommend McMillans to anyone.
Mr G
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your team for the total professionalism shown at all times regarding the legal representation of my son. A special thank you to Adam Wiseman for his outstanding work in court which without doubt had a huge impact on the outcome of the case..
Mrs K

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