Crown Court Representation

court-houseThe majority of indecent images offences end up in the Crown Court either for a trial before a Judge and a Jury or for a sentencing hearing before a Judge. In either case where you will need to be represented by a specialist indecent images barrister also known as counsel.

McMillans Solicitors only trust our cases to a handful of the country’s most respected and sought after specialist indecent images barristers which ensures that any client represented by us before the Crown Court can be guaranteed to receive an unrivalled quality of advocacy and representation.

Quality private representation at the Crown Court

It is right to say that anybody appearing before the Crown Court is entitled to make an application to be represented under the government’s legal aid scheme. Details as to how that scheme is operated can be found here. However, we are not prepared to compromise on quality by representing client’s under the legal aid scheme and as such we can make a number of cast iron guarantees that the traditional criminal legal aid firm cannot match; including that you will be allocated a dedicated  solicitor who will have at least  18 years post qualification experience and who will have conduct of your case preparation throughout.

We can also guarantee that the barrister we instruct on your behalf will be a real specialist in indecent images cases and will meet you in conference well in advance of your first court appearance at the Crown Court. As you are paying privately we can guarantee that that barrister will definitely attend for your trial or sentencing hearing which is unbelievably not the case under legal aid where counsel is routinely booked in to do several cases at the same time in the anticipation that some will not go ahead! As such under Legal Aid the barrister who turns up on the first morning of your trail may be somebody who you have never met before!

If you are working and are on a modest income even if you would be eligible for legal aid before the Crown Court the court will require that you pay a substantial monthly contribution towards the cost of your legal aid which is currently 90% of your disposable income!

It may well be that you are currently represented before the Crown Court by a legal aid solicitor and barrister and you are not happy with the level of service and client care you are receiving.

If that is the case please call us without delay in order that we can take over the conduct of your case where we ensure that you receive the highest quality representation leaving no stone unturned in the preparation of your case.

So if you are currently unhappy with your current solicitor or you are due to attend the Crown Court and have yet to sort out legal representation please get in touch 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

You will always be advised by an experienced indecent images  lawyer never a trainee, secretary or unqualified individual.

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