This is my first time dealing with solicitors why should I trust you with my case?

This is a legitimate and understandable question – Instructing a solicitor in a serious criminal case is incredibly important and so we would strongly advise that you exercise caution and speak to a number of firms before making a final decision! We are happy to meet with you in our office completely free of charge in order to be given the opportunity to demonstrate our knowledge, experience and personable nature of everyone who works here. We have never had a client express any level of dissatisfaction in relation to our solicitors and we have never had a client take us up on our unique money back guarantee. Please also see some testimonials in relation to recent cases.

Why are you the only firm I have come across who specialises in indecent images offences who offers a money back guarantee?

We can only assume that no other firm is sufficiently confident in the quality of their staff! We only employ extremely experienced lawyers and we never use unqualified or inexperienced individuals for even the most straightforward of tasks! As such we know that in every case no stone is left unturned in preparing our client’s case in order to maximise the chances of an acquittal or lenient sentence

Why is the money back guarantee limited to my police station attendances or my first court appearance?

We believe this gives you plenty of opportunity to work with us over a number of weeks or months by which time you will be in no doubt that we really know our stuff , that we are on your side and that will fight tooth an nail to get the right result! If we offered a full money back guarantee for the entire case this could be construed as a ‘no win no fee’ arrangement which are not permitted in criminal cases.

Can you offer me free advice and representation under Legal Aid?

Unfortunately not – We do not believe it is possible to provide a proper service under Legal Aid for these reasons.

I am unhappy with my current solicitor can you take over my case?

Absolutely! Many of our clients come after a less than satisfactory experience with another firm especially under Legal Aid. You are entitled to be represented by a real expert in indecent images cases who you have full trust and confidence and we can easily take over your case by simply getting you to sign an authority which we then send to your old solicitor requesting all your papers.

Can I get a police caution for possession of indecent images?

We are often asked by our clients as to whether they can avoid court if they accept a caution for possession or making indecent images.

The short answer is generally no. However, if the amount of images is low and of the least serious category C and / or your personal circumstances are unusual it is possible representations can still be made to the CPS and / or police that an indecent images caution be issued in exceptional circumstances. More information in relation to cautions for indecent images cases can be found here

Can you help me prepare for my Pre-Sentence Report (PSR) Interview?

The PSR interview with Probabtion is very important and we will spend time with you explaining what this involves and how best to approach the interview. Detailed information in relation to PSR interviews can be found here.

Can you help me find a suitable counsellor or therapist?

We have a list of StopSO approved therapists that have over the years helped numerous  clients and provided excellent reports that have assisted with mitigation at court. Information in relation to this and other steps that you may consider taking to show the court that you have ‘taken positive steps to address your offending behaviour’ can be found here


If you have any other questions please feel free to call us. We’re here to help 24 hours a day 7 days a week.


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