Magistrate’s Court Representation

CourthouseAll offences involving indecent images start off at the magistrate’s court although the more serious cases are quickly transferred to the Crown Court.

If you have been summonsed or charged to court this can feel like an extremely intimidating and frightening prospect especially if you have no previous experience of the criminal justice system.

Our specialist solicitors are well known throughout our local magistrate’s courts and respected by the prosecutors and magistrates alike due to the professional way they go out their business.

However it is not just the experience and expertise of our solicitors that differentiates us from all other firms; it is also the fact that we will never represent more than one client at a time at the magistrate’s court and as such you will always have our undivided attention!

Picture the scene. You turn up at court for your initial court appearance. You are understandably nervous and apprehensive and looking for reassurance from your solicitor that everything will go smoothly. What you actually find is a harassed individual approaching you who you have never met before carrying about 10 files. This individual explains to you that he will speak with you ‘when he gets a moment’ but he is also acting as the court duty solicitor and has to see some clients detained in the court cells as such you may have a bit of a wait! The solicitor then leaves you alone and a sense of panic starts to grip you.

This is scene played out up and down the country in relation to individuals represented by traditional criminal firms.

The only way to guarantee that you will have your own dedicated specialist indecent images solicitor undistracted by other clients at your first appearance before the magistrate’s court is to contact us!

We appreciate just how stressful appearing at the magistrate’s court for an indecent images case can be and so we promise to be by your side throughout the whole process and wont ever leave you to your own devices!

Please fee free to call us (free of any fees) for a no obligation chat about your case. We are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

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