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Corporate trustWe know how good we are and clients who been represented by us are happy to testify to that; however the vast majority of our new enquiries are from individuals with no previous convictions and no previous experience of the criminal justice system or criminal solicitors. If you fall into that category you will be understandably very cautious as to who to trust with your case and we anticipate that we will be one of many firms telephoned.

So why should you trust us?

Firstly can we be absolutely clear we encourage you to shop around! Instructing a solicitor in an indecent images case is an incredibly important decision due to the catastrophic consequences if things go wrong including a criminal record, loss of reputation and even possibly loss of liberty!

As such can we suggest that you to quiz the person you speak with as to their experience, recent results and most importantly how many clients have complained or been unhappy with the level of client care and representation over the past few years? We have never had a client we have represented in an indecent images case complain or say they were dissatisfied and in that regard we are probably unique!

You may also wish to ask at the very least the following additional questions:

  • Can they promise that only specialist indecent images solicitors with at least 18 years post qualification experience will be preparing your case?
  • Can they promise that you will never be advised or represented by inexperienced or unqualified individuals?
  • Can they promise that you can speak with the senior partner or principle solicitor 24 hours a day 7 days a week?
  • Can they promise that if you appear at court the lawyer representing you will not be juggling your case with numerous other clients or even acting as the court duty solicitor while representing you?

At McMillans Solicitors we answer an emphatic YES to all of the above; however many other so-called specialist criminal solicitors would be forced to admit the exact opposite!

We understand that you will probably still be cautious as to whether to trust us with your case. We know we are the best but you have not had the opportunity to work with us or see us in action at court or at the police station which is why we are the only firm to offer a complete no quibble money back promise which lasts up to 28 days from the date you decide to formally instruct us.

This will often give you the opportunity you to attend our office on numerous occasions, see us dealing with police officers and / or represent you at court for an initial court appearance. This should leave you in no doubt how we go about our business. If you are then not 100% confident we are the right firm for you we will refund the total fixed fee in full. No argument, no debate just a full unequivocal refund stc


Finally please see some of our recent success stories and testimonials.

Please feel free to call us 24 hours a day 7 days a week for a free no obligation chat about your case.

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