Advising Friends and Family

Unhappy mother with teenage girlMany of our clients accused of downloading indecent images come to us via a concerned friend or family member and if you fall into that category please free to call us 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

A typical situation is when the phone rings and an individual is told by the police that their husband or other family member has been arrested and is being detained at the local police station (anybody under arrest is entitled to have somebody informed of their arrest).

The person arrested will probably have no experience in dealing with the police and will undoubtedly be scared as to what will happen at the police station. He may have been inaccurately told by the police that if he contacts a solicitor this will delay matters or that he doesn’t really need a solicitor, as ‘they only want to have a chat with him and find out what happened’.

In such a situation it is vital that a specialist indecent images solicitor is contacted and attends the police station without delay in order to protect the rights of the person arrested and to give him accurate advice and reassurance.

So if you have been contacted by the police, in relation to a friend or family member who has been arrested for downloading indecent images please do no hesitate in contacting us.

There will always be somebody available to take your call day or night!

Another common occurrence is where an individual was represented by a duty solicitor at the police station in relation to an indecent images offence and he has then signed legal aid forms to be represented by that solicitor’s firm at court. It quickly becomes apparent to the individual and those closest to him that this firm is not providing the quality of service and expertise that they expected.

If that situation applies to you again please contact us without delay. An individual has the right to be represented by a specialist indecent images solicitor of their choosing and we can easily write to the court and the previous firm and say that we will be taking over the conduct of the case.

However, in order to provide the highest possible quality of service we do not represent clients under the government’s legal aid scheme and so we will obviously need to agree an affordable private fee.

Please feel free to call us for further information and to discuss your situation.

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