Maximise your Chances of Avoiding Prison

In some cases (where the evidence is overwhelming and you fully admit the office) a guilty plea is appropriate and damage limitation is the order of the day.

The courts always treat these cases extremely seriously and in the event of a guilty plea or conviction the sentencing guidelines make it clear that a prison sentence is a starting point for almost all cases (unless the number of images is very small and relating to the least serious (category C) images).

However as we are specialist indecent image solicitors we a have an unrivalled record in persuading the court to deal with our clients in ways that avoids immediate prison. This is because we do these cases day in day out and meticulously prepare every case including obtaining very detailed background information, advising our clients on character references and counselling options and we only use specialist barristers with a wealth of experience and knowledge in this area including the technical aspects often present in these cases.

Please see our testimonials and success stories section, which lists a number of recent cases where our clients have avoided prison despite downloading large quantities of category A images.